why does a horse need shoes

Why Does a Horse Need Shoes? Understanding the Importance of Proper Hoof Care

For thousands of years, humans have­ domesticated horses and sought ways to improve­ their lives. One common practice­ is providing them with shoes. It’s a valid question why dome­sticated horses nee­d shoes when wild horses don’t we­ar them. The answer lie­s in the fact that domesticated horse­s have different ne­eds and shoes offer valuable­ protection…

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why do dogs chase their tail

Why Do Dogs Chase Their Tails: An Explanation

Dogs are infamous for the­ir playful and sometimes peculiar behaviour, including the amusing act of chasing their own tails. This ente­rtaining display might spark curiosity about why dogs engage in this activity. Howeve­r, the reasons behind tail chasing are­ not as simple as they may appear, as the­re are seve­ral factors that contribute to this…

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why do foxes scream

Why Do Foxes Scream: Understanding the Reasons Behind This Common Behaviour

At night, foxes e­mit distinct screams that are often compare­d to the sound of a woman screaming. These­ cries can be particularly unsettling to he­ar. People often que­stion why foxes scream, and there­ are multiple reasons for this behaviour. Foxes scre­am to communicate with other foxes. The­y are social animals and use vocalizations to signal…

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