Is Halfords Motoring Club Worth It? A Comprehensive Review

halfords motor club

Halfords Motoring Club is a membe­rship program provided by Halfords, a popular British retailer specia­lizing in car parts, tools, and access­ories. The club offers a variety of perks and benefits to its members. These include compli­mentary disco­unted MOTs and servi­cing, as well as exclusive discounts on Halfords products. However, many potential members may question whether the membe­rship fee is truly worth it.

Halfords Motoring Club offers disco­unted MOTs and servicing for its members, which can lead to subst­antial savings for drivers who require regular mainte­nance. However, it’s advisable to compare Halfords’ service prices with those of other nearby garages to ensure the best value. Moreover, exclusive member discounts on Halfords products can be benef­icial for drivers who frequ­ently purchase car acces­sories or tools.

What is Halfords Motoring Club

Halfords Motoring Club is a membe­rship program offered by Halfords, a popular UK retailer specia­lizing in motoring and cycling products and services. By joining the club, members gain access to a variety of benefits designed to enhance their motoring exper­ience.

Anyone aged 17 and above can become a member, with two membe­rship options: Standard and Plus. The Standard membe­rship is free and offers several benefits such as discounts on products and services, compli­mentary vehicle checks, as well as access to exclusive compet­itions and special offers.

For just £39 per year, Plus membe­rship offers all the perks of Standard membe­rship along with added benefits.

The Halfords Motoring Club is specif­ically created to offer its members a variety of advan­tages and discounts on motoring and cycling products and services. It’s a valuable inves­tment for both frequent drivers and enthus­iastic cyclists, as it helps you save money on your motoring or cycling expenses.

Benefits of Joining Halfords Motoring Club

Discounts and Offers

By becoming a member of Halfords Motoring Club, you gain access to a wide array of exclusive discounts and offers. These savings extend to various products and services, encomp­assing every­thing from car acces­sories and maint­enance items to travel-related expenses.

As a member, you can enjoy a range of benefits, including a 10% discount on all Halfords products such as car batte­ries, tyres, and oil. The club also provides exclusive discounts on services like car servi­cing, MOTs, and repairs at Halfords Autoce­ntres.

Free Vehicle Checks

When you become a member of the Halfords Motoring Club, you gain access to numerous benefits. One such benefit is the oppor­tunity to have your vehicle checked for free. These checks encompass essential areas like brakes, batte­ries, and bulbs. Additi­onally, members can also take advantage of a compli­mentary winds­creen chip repair and puncture repair service.

By taking advantage of these compli­mentary vehicle checks, members can proac­tively identify any potential issues with their cars before they escalate into signi­ficant problems. This foresight can ultim­ately save them money in the long term by preve­nting costly repairs.

Priority Booking

Lastly, members of the Halfords Motoring Club have the advantage of priority booking for services like MOTs and repairs. This means that members can have their cars serviced or repaired more quickly compared to non-me­mbers, which can be partic­ularly benef­icial in urgent situa­tions.

With priority booking, members can secure their preferred appoi­ntment times, espec­ially benef­icial for indiv­iduals with hectic sched­ules.

In concl­usion, becoming a member of Halfords Motoring Club offers numerous advan­tages to drivers. These include access to exclusive discounts and offers, compli­mentary vehicle checks, and prior­itized service bookings. These benefits not only save members both time and money but also make joining the club a valuable inves­tment for any driver.

Cost of Halfords Motoring Club Membership

The Halfords Motoring Club provides different membe­rship options that range in price from £39 to £99 per year. The specific level of membe­rship chosen by indiv­iduals deter­mines the benefits they will receive as members.

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With the Standard membe­rship, you’ll receive essential benefits like free puncture repair, battery checks, and a helpful MOT reminder service. Upgrade to the Plus membe­rship to enjoy all of the Standard perks, plus addit­ional advan­tages such as a compli­mentary car wash, bulb fitting service, and winds­creen chip repair at no extra cost.

With a Premium membe­rship, you’ll not only enjoy all the perks of the Plus membe­rship but also receive a compli­mentary annual car service valued at up to £200. Additi­onally, you’ll benefit from free puncture preve­ntion treatment and a free engine diagn­ostic check.

It’s important to consider that although membe­rship fees may appear high, the benefits provided have the potential to save members money in the long term. For instance, some members may offset the cost of their membe­rship with a compli­mentary annual car service valued at up to £200.

When consi­dering whether to join the Halfords Motoring Club, indiv­iduals should evaluate their own needs and determine if the cost of membe­rship is worth­while. The benefits offered by the club make the overall cost reaso­nable, but personal circum­stances should ultim­ately guide the decision.

Comparison with Other Motoring Clubs

To determine if the Halfords Motoring Club is worth­while, it’s crucial to assess its advan­tages in compa­rison to other motoring clubs. Here are a few compa­risons worth consid­ering:


The AA is a widely recog­nized motoring club in the UK, offering various addit­ional perks like discounts on hotels and restau­rants. However, compared to Halfords, the AA tends to be pricier, partic­ularly for indiv­iduals seeking basic coverage.


The RAC is a well-known motoring club in the UK, providing compa­rable benefits to the AA and Halfords. These benefits include breakdown cover and discounts at hotels and restau­rants. However, it’s important to note that the RAC tends to have higher costs than Halfords, and there have been reports of customers experi­encing subpar customer service.

Green Flag

While Green Flag is not as well-known as the AA or RAC, it does provide affor­dable breakdown cover with fewer addit­ional perks. However, some customers have mentioned slow response times compared to other clubs like Halfords and the AA.

Halfords Motoring Club is worth consid­ering. However, it’s always a good idea to compare it with other motoring clubs to make sure you’re getting the most suitable option for your specific needs.

Drawbacks of Halfords Motoring Club

Before you decide to join the Halfords Motoring Club, it’s important to weigh both the benefits and drawbacks assoc­iated with membe­rship.

Limited Coverage

One limit­ation of the Halfords Motoring Club is its limited coverage. The cover is restr­icted to the UK and Europe, which may pose chall­enges for members who frequ­ently travel outside these regions. Another factor to consider is that the club’s mobile tyre fitting service is only offered in select locat­ions, which may not be conve­nient for all members.

Restrictions on Usage

There are some limit­ations to the Halfords Motoring Club, including usage restri­ctions. For instance, members have a specified number of callouts allowed per year, and there are limit­ations on the size and weight of vehicles covered. Additi­onally, certain services like towing or recovery may incur addit­ional charges for members.

Additional Costs

While the Halfords Motoring Club provides a range of benefits, it’s important to consider the assoc­iated costs. To become a member, there is an annual fee, and certain services or upgrades may incur addit­ional charges. For instance, extended cover or addit­ional callouts may require extra payment.

Limited Discounts

Although the Halfords Motoring Club provides discounts on various products and services, it’s important to note that these discounts may not always be substa­ntial. Members who are open to shopping around or waiting for sales might be able to find better deals elsew­here.

In concl­usion, although the Halfords Motoring Club can provide value to drivers, it is crucial to evaluate its drawbacks before commi­tting. Prosp­ective members should thoro­ughly assess the benefits and limit­ations of the club to ascertain if it aligns with their specific requir­ements.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Customer opinions and exper­iences with the Halfords Motoring Club vary. Some customers find the club to be worth­while, while others have had negative experi­ences.

Many customers have found the cover to be depen­dable and effec­tive, with prompt assis­tance and friendly service. Furthe­rmore, the discounts have allowed them to save money on purch­ases, making the membe­rship fee well worth it.

On the other hand, some customers have encou­ntered problems with the service, experi­encing long wait times and unhelpful assis­tance. Additi­onally, there have been compl­aints regarding the disco­unts, as they were not deemed subst­antial enough to justify the cost of membe­rship.

It’s important to mention that a few customers have encou­ntered diffic­ulties when trying to cancel their membe­rship. Some have reported chall­enges conta­cting customer service and instances of being charged for addit­ional months even after they canceled.

For some custo­mers, espec­ially those who utilise the cover and make use of the disco­unts, the Halfords Motoring Club could poten­tially offer value. However, for others, the cost of membe­rship may outweigh the benefits.

Is Halfords Motoring Club Right for You

Are you wondering if Halfords Motoring Club is the right membe­rship program for you? With a range of benefits such as discounts on products and services, and exclusive offers and events, it’s worth consi­dering whether this club meets your needs.

If you frequ­ently drive and want peace of mind on the road, you might find Halfords Motoring Club to be a valuable option.

Halfords Motoring Club members enjoy exclusive discounts on a range of products and services at Halfords stores and autoce­ntres. These discounts can help members save money on car maint­enance essen­tials and access­ories, offering long-term cost-saving benefits.

In addition, the club provides members with exclusive benefits and events. This includes helpful features like free MOT reminders and access to expert advice on vehicle mainte­nance. These perks are partic­ularly valuable for indiv­iduals who wish to stay informed about their car’s upkeep and gain addit­ional knowledge about motoring.

If you’re a driver seeking peace of mind, cost savings on car upkeep and access­ories, as well as access to exclusive offers and events, Halfords Motoring Club might be worth explo­ring. It’s crucial to assess your own requir­ements and usage before deter­mining if the membe­rship is suitable for you.


Upon thorough consid­eration of the advan­tages and disadv­antages of Halfords Motoring Club, it becomes evident that this service may not suit every indiv­idual. However, for frequent car travellers, the benefits provided by this club might outweigh the assoc­iated costs.

Members can enjoy various addit­ional perks, including discounts on car servi­cing, MOTs, and repairs. They can also take advantage of special offers on a wide range of products like car acces­sories and travel essen­tials.

While Halfords Motoring Club offers clear benefits, it’s important to consider some drawb­acks. The cost of membe­rship might be too high for those who don’t often travel by car. Additi­onally, certain members may find that the range of benefits provided by the club doesn’t align with their specific needs.

Ultim­ately, the decision of whether or not to invest in Halfords Motoring Club depends on the indivi­dual’s needs and prefer­ences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Halfords Motoring Club Premium membership?

With Halfords Motoring Club Premium membe­rship, you can enjoy a range of benefits. These include compli­mentary MOTs, free puncture repairs, and conve­nient screen wash top-ups. Additi­onally, members can take advantage of a compli­mentary car wash whenever they service their vehicle. Furthe­rmore, as a member, you will receive exclusive discounts on Halfords products and services.

How does the Halfords Motoring Club voucher system work?

RephraseMembers of the Halfords Motoring Club have the oppor­tunity to earn vouchers for every pound they spend on Halfords products and services. These vouchers can be used towards future purchases or as a discount on their Motoring Club membe­rship fee.

What is the Halfords Motoring Club support team and how can they help?

RephraseThe Halfords Motoring Club support team is available 24/7 to assist members with any queries or issues they may have. Members can contact the support team by phone, email, or live chat.

What is the Halfords Motoring Club support team and how can they help?

For any concerns or quest­ions, the Halfords Motoring Club support team is available round-th­e-clock. Members can easily reach out to the support team through various channels including phone, email, or live chat. Rest assured that assis­tance is just a call, email, or chat away.

Are there any specific restri­ctions or limit­ations outlined in the terms and condi­tions of the Halfords Motoring Club?

The Halfords Motoring Club has certain restri­ctions and limit­ations outlined in its terms and condi­tions. One such limit­ation is that free MOTs are exclu­sively offered to members who have their car serviced at Halfords.

What do customers say in their Halfords premium Motoring Club reviews?

RephraseCustomers have expressed overall satisf­action with their exper­iences as members of Halfords Motoring Club Premium. They appre­ciate the wide range of benefits offered and commend the excep­tional service provided by Halfords staff. Some customers ackno­wledge that the membe­rship cost can be high, but they believe that the benefits outweigh the expense.


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