Premier Inn Pillows: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Pillow for a Good Night’s Sleep

premier inn pillows

Premier Inn,­ a widely recognised hotel chain,­ prides itself on delivering a comfortable and rejuvenating experience to its guests.­ Ensuring a good night’s sleep is essential,­ and that starts with the perfect pillow.­ Premier Inn offers a diverse range of pillows catering to various preferences.­ Whether one prefers plush and cozy or firm and supportive,­ guests can find the ideal pillow to match their needs.­

Premier Inn meticulously crafts their pillows to prioritize both quality and comfort.­ Carefully chosen hypoallergenic materials make these pillows suitable for individuals with allergies or sensitivities.­ Moreover,­ the durability and longevity of these pillows ensure that guests can embrace uninterrupted slumber throughout their stay.­ Premier Inn offers a diverse range of pillow options,­ catering to individual preferences such as feather or synthetic fillings,­ guaranteeing an ideal choice for every guest.­

Understanding Premier Inn Pillows

Premier Inn pillows are renowned for their exceptional comfort,­ top-­notch quality,­ and reliable support.­ These pillows offer a choice between soft and firm options,­ catering to the diverse sleeping preferences of our esteemed guests.­

The pillows come with two different fillings:­ microfibre or hollowfibre.­ This ensures a plump and comfortable feel.­ Microfibre pillows are known for their softness and lightweight quality,­ while hollowfibre pillows offer a firmer texture and improved support.­

Premier Inn provides a quilted pillow protector to safeguard pillows from damage.­ This protector is not only soft but also hypoallergenic,­ ensuring a comfortable and allergy-­free experience.­ Crafted with high-­quality polyester threads,­ the protector guarantees durability for prolonged use.­

Premier Inn pillows are expertly crafted to retain their shape and provide exceptional support,­ even with regular usage.­ This quality ensures that they remain a valuable investment for individuals seeking optimal comfort and unwavering reliability.­

Premier Inn pillows offer a fantastic choice for those seeking both comfort and support.­ Whether you prefer soft or firm options,­ their range caters to your specific sleeping needs.­ Moreover,­ the quilted pillow protectors not only provide additional comfort but also ensure protection for an uninterrupted night’s sleep.­

Materials and Construction

Premier Inn ensures the utmost comfort and support for their guests by crafting pillows from high-­quality materials with meticulous construction.­ These pillows blend polyester and hollowfibre,­ resulting in a delightful combination of softness and fluffiness,­ all while providing remarkable support.­

Premier Inn pillows feature the finest quality hollowfibre filling,­ engineered to deliver optimal comfort and support.­ This exceptional filler possesses remarkable bounce-­back properties,­ ensuring that the pillow maintains its shape and loft even with prolonged use.­

The pillows are crafted using polyester threads which possess exceptional durability and strength.­ This ensures the longevity of the pillows,­ even with frequent use.­

Premier Inn pillows feature a soft and breathable cotton cover,­ enhancing the overall comfort.­ The cotton cover is not only easy to clean and maintain but also highly favored by hotels for its practicality.­”­

Premier Inn pillows are carefully crafted using a blend of high-­quality materials and construction techniques.­ This meticulous approach guarantees utmost comfort and support for their esteemed guests.­ By employing hollowfibre filling,­ durable polyester threads,­ and a soft cotton cover,­ these pillows have been engineered to stand the test of time while remaining easily maintainable.

Premier Inn Bedding Range

Premier Inn is renowned for its exceptional bedding collection that guarantees guests a comfortable and rejuvenating sleep.­ This exclusive range includes premium duvets,­ plush pillows,­ and reliable mattress protectors,­ all meticulously designed to offer guests the ultimate sleeping experience.­

The bedding range offers a variety of sizes,­ including single,­ double,­ and super king options.­ This ensures that guests can select the size that suits them best.­ In addition,­ the duvets are available in two different togs:­ 4.­5 and 10.­5.­ This caters to guests who have different preferences for warmth levels.­

Premier Inn ensures the comfort of their guests by using duvets made of breathable materials.­ These materials promote good airflow and prevent overheating during the night.­ Additionally,­ the duvets are hypoallergenic,­ making them a perfect choice for guests with allergies.­

The hotel takes pride in its thoughtfully designed pillows that prioritize guest comfort.­ Crafted from high-­quality materials,­ these pillows offer optimal neck and head support,­ ensuring guests wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.­

Guests who desire to bring home a piece of Premier Inn’s bedding collection can conveniently purchase items from the Premier Inn at Home collection.­ This exclusive range comprises various bedding essentials,­ including duvets,­ pillows,­ and mattress protectors.­ Rest assured that each item is meticulously crafted to deliver the same level of comfort experienced in Premier Inn hotels.­

In conclusion,­ Premier Inn offers a bedding range designed to enhance guests’ sleep experience.­ This comprehensive collection includes duvets,­ pillows,­ and mattress protectors available in various sizes and togs.­ Crafted from breathable materials,­ the bedding ensures optimal temperature regulation throughout the night while the pillows provide excellent neck and head support.­ For those interested in bringing a piece of Premier Inn’s comfort home,­ items from the Premier Inn at Home collection are available for purchase.­

Premier Inn’s Reputation and Reviews

Premier Inn,­ a renowned hotel chain in the UK,­ offers its guests comfortable and affordable accommodation.­ With a strong reputation for delivering exceptional services and amenities,­ Premier Inn ensures that its guests have a memorable stay.­

Premier Inn,­ a renowned hotel chain,­ has earned a mediocre rating of 2.4 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot,­ a popular review website.­ Based on a count of over 4,­000 reviews.­ Of the positive these visitors have specifically lauded Premier Inn for its plush beds,­ impeccably clean rooms,­ and the warm demeanor of its staff members.­ Additionally,­ many have appreciated the strategic placement of Premier Inn hotels near prominent tourist attractions and convenient transportation links.­

Premier Inn’s dedication to delivering exceptional services is exemplified by the multitude of accolades it has garnered.­ In 2021,­ Premier Inn was honored as the Best Budget Hotel Chain at the esteemed Business Travel Awards.­ Furthermore,­ for several consecutive years,­ this hotel chain has been bestowed with the highly regarded TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award.­

Premier Inn is widely recognized for its exceptional quality services and amenities,­ establishing a solid reputation among its guests.­ The company’s unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction is evident through the positive reviews it consistently garners on reputable platforms like Trustpilot and other review websites.­

Buying Guide: Premier Inn Pillows

Premier Inn pillows have gained recognition for their exceptional comfort and support,­ making them a favored choice among many individuals.­ When contemplating the purchase of a Premier Inn pillow,­ it is important to consider certain factors to ensure that you select the perfect one to meet your specific needs.­

Types of Premier Inn Pillows

Premier Inn provides a variety of pillows that cater to different sleep preferences.­ Some of the most sought-­after choices include:­

  • Firm pillows are a great choice for individuals seeking more support and proper spinal alignment.­ If you prefer a firmer pillow,­ consider opting for Premier Inn firm pillows.­ They provide the necessary support for back and side sleepers,­ as well as those dealing with sleep apnoea or snoring by helping to keep the airways open.
  • Soft pillows are the ideal choice for individuals seeking a plush and cushioned sensation.­ They offer great comfort for stomach sleepers,­ supporting the head and neck at an optimal angle without straining the spine.­ Moreover,­ soft pillows prove beneficial for those experiencing neck pain,­ delivering gentle support while alleviating pressure on the neck.­

Buying Considerations

  • When it comes to shopping,­ it’s important to keep an eye out for sales and promotions.­ Major holidays like Black Friday and Christmas often offer great deals.
  • Premier Inn pillows can be easily purchased both online and in-­store.­ Many retailers even offer free delivery options for added convenience.­
  • Retailers offer a wide range of places where you can find Premier Inn pillows,­ including major department stores and independent bedding shops.


Premier Inn pillows offer a fantastic choice for those seeking comfort and support.­ With various options tailored to different sleeping preferences and an affordable price point,­ they are definitely worth considering if you’re looking to invest in a new pillow.­

Trending: Premier Inn Pillows on Social Media

Premier Inn pillows have gained significant attention on social media recently,­ as numerous users enthusiastically discuss their remarkable comfort and exceptional quality.­ The hashtag #­tiktokmademebuyit has been widely embraced,­ serving as a platform for individuals to share their firsthand encounters and offer recommendations to others.­

Premier Inn pillows have gained immense popularity due to their unique design.­ These pillows are crafted using a combination of hollowfibre and microfibre,­ offering an exquisite balance between support and softness.­ Moreover,­ they are hypoallergenic,­ making them an ideal choice for individuals with allergies or sensitivities.­

Another reason contributing to the widespread popularity of Premier Inn pillows lies in their affordability.­ Unlike many expensive high-­end pillows that can cost a fortune,­ Premier Inn pillows are priced at a more reasonable level,­ making them accessible to a broader demographic of people.­

Premier Inn pillows offer a comfortable and supportive option that won’t strain your budget.­ Whether you desire a rejuvenating sleep or want to elevate the ambiance of your bedroom,­ these pillows are definitely worth considering.

Care and Maintenance of Premier Inn Pillows

Proper care and maintenance are essential for ensuring the longevity of Premier Inn pillows.­ Here,­ we have compiled a few helpful tips to help you keep your pillows clean and in optimal condition.­

Machine Washable

Premier Inn provides machine washable pillows for easy maintenance.­ To keep them clean,­ it is recommended to wash them at 40°­C using a mild detergent.­ However,­ it’s important to avoid fabric softeners as they can harm the pillow’s filling.­ Maintaining hygiene is also advisable by washing the pillowcases along with the pillows.­

After you wash the pillows,­ make sure they are completely dry before using them.­ Ideally,­ air drying is recommended.­ However,­ if you choose to use a tumble dryer,­ set it on low heat.


Some Premier Inn pillows are designed with a waterproof layer,­ which makes them perfect for individuals dealing with allergies or asthma.­ This special feature effectively blocks dust mites and other allergens from penetrating the pillow.

To maintain the waterproof layer,­ it is important to refrain from using bleach or harsh chemicals during pillow washing.­ Regularly washing the pillow is highly recommended to prevent allergen buildup.­

Taking care of Premier Inn pillows is a breeze.­ These pillows are machine washable and feature a waterproof layer,­ which makes them perfect for individuals with allergies or asthma.­ By following these simple tips,­ you can keep your pillows clean and in great condition for an extended period of time.­

Environmental Considerations

Premier Inn demonstrates a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.­ The company actively implements various eco-­friendly practices in its hotels,­ such as using recycled materials for bedding and opting for lightweight products that minimize transportation-­related carbon emissions.­ This responsible approach helps Premier Inn reduce its impact on the environment while ensuring guest comfort and satisfaction.­

Premier Inn manufactures pillows using a combination of recycled polyester and virgin polyester fibers.­ This choice significantly minimizes the environmental impact during production,­ while also effectively reducing the amount of waste destined for landfills.­

Premier Inn not only uses recycled materials but also carefully considers the weight of its products when selecting suppliers.­ By opting for lightweight products,­ they minimize the fuel required for transportation,­ thereby reducing their carbon footprint.­ This approach benefits both the environment and guests as it helps in lowering room rates through reduced costs.­

Premier Inn goes beyond their hotels in demonstrating a strong commitment to the environment.­ They actively collaborate with suppliers to minimize the environmental impact of their products and packaging.­ This involves using sustainable materials,­ reducing packaging waste,­ and promoting recycling.­

Premier Inn’s commitment to sustainability is evident through its thoughtful environmental considerations.­ The company employs measures such as utilizing recycled materials and opting for lightweight products,­ effectively reducing its environmental impact.­ This approach not only benefits the environment but also contributes to lower room rates,­ enhancing the experience for guests.­

Premier Inn’s Mattresses and Beds

Premier Inn is renowned for its ability to provide a comfortable and serene lodging experience.­ A key component of this exceptional standard is the superior quality of their mattresses and beds.­ To ensure utmost comfort,­ Premier Inn partners with Hypnos,­ a prominent British mattress manufacturer,­ for the supply of their exquisite sleep products.­

Hypnos mattresses are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship,­ utilizing individually wrapped pocket springs.­ This unique design allows the mattress to conform to your body’s shape,­ delivering unparalleled support and comfort.­ Not only that,­ but these mattresses are engineered for long-­lasting durability,­ ensuring a restful night’s sleep that will stand the test of time.­

Premier Inn provides a variety of mattresses,­ including their plush Hypnos mattress.­ This particular mattress is designed to offer a more luxurious sleeping experience by featuring extra layers of cushioning for added comfort and support.­

Premier Inn not only offers comfortable mattresses but also a range of sturdy and durable beds that perfectly complement their mattresses.­ These beds ensure guests can enjoy a truly relaxing and enjoyable stay.­

Premier Inn offers guests high-­quality mattresses and beds,­ guaranteeing a comfortable and rejuvenating sleep experience.­ The utilization of Hypnos mattresses further enhances the overall sleeping comfort during their stay.­

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of pillows does Premier Inn use?

Premier Inn utilises an exclusive,­ specially designed synthetic pillow in their hotels.­ This pillow offers a blend of comfort and support,­ ensuring a pleasant night’s sleep for their guests.­

Are Premier Inn pillows soft or firm?

Premier Inn pillows are designed to provide a comforting and supportive medium-­firmness but cater for both.­ They cater to various sleep positions,­ including sleeping on your back,­ side,­ or front,­ making them suitable for most sleepers.­

What brand makes Premier Inn pillows?

Premier Inn sources its pillows from The Fine Bedding Company,­ a reputable UK-­based company.­ With their long-­standing expertise in producing top-­notch bedding products,­ The Fine Bedding Company has been supplying Premier Inn with high-­quality pillows for numerous years.­

Do Premier Inn pillows come in different sizes?

Premier Inn offers pillows in two sizes:­ standard and king size.­ The dimensions of the standard pillow are 48cm x 74cm,­ while the king size pillow measures 50cm x 90cm.­

What type of duvets does Premier Inn use?

Premier Inn utilises a synthetic duvet specially crafted by The Fine Bedding Company.­ This duvet is intelligently designed to possess two key qualities:­ it is exceptionally lightweight while maintaining utmost warmth.­ Moreover,­ it boasts a hypoallergenic composition,­ rendering it ideal for individuals with allergies.

Why are hotel pillows different from regular pillows?

Hotel pillows are meticulously crafted to prioritize both comfort and durability.­ These pillows are specifically designed to endure frequent use and washing,­ while ensuring a peaceful slumber for every guest.­ It’s worth noting that hotel pillows tend to offer firmer support compared to regular ones,­ catering to the diverse needs of sleepers.


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